April 9, 2006

I’m suspending this blog until further notice. I’ve found that I can’t keep up a reasonably-consistent stream of posts on this and my other blogs. Instead, I’m now doing occasional posts over on Catallaxy. I’ll post copies or links here in case you just want to subscribe to my posts. If you also have an interest in economics, libertarian views, and/or Australian politics, you may just want to subscribe to Catallaxy instead.

I’ll leave my existing posts here as well, and — who knows — I may eventually find time to do this more earnestly. Thanks for reading.


More Posts Coming

March 7, 2006

Hello, visitors form Catallaxy and elsewhere. I’ve been working hard to make a deadline for the last few days, so I haven’t posted much. Worry not! I have a nice queue of things to write about, to which I hope to attend this evening.