Sounding both intelligent and reasonable

There’s a rather uninteresting post from the ID camp, except for one little line, quoted below (emph mine)

Evolution News & Views: The Scotsman: Intelligent Design Evidence-Based

Scotsman Alistair Donald recently engaged Peter Jones concerning intelligent design and the age of reason, and came off sounding both intelligent and reasonable.

This is the cornerstone of ID — sounding intelligent and reasonable. The average Joe or Jane may have a difficult time discerning real science from something that sounds intelligent and reasonable. This includes politicians. Thus, a large group of creationists gets together, makes a concerted effort to seem legit, and are subsequently percieved as scientific skeptics who just want to make sure that we’re dilligent in our skepticism.

It’s important in trying to limit the impact of ID that we understand the social and psychological manipulation perpetrated by its proponents.


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