Ohio schools have ecome officially atheistic, godless, and toxic…

I don’t really have words for this. The Atheist Mama had a few though.

The Columbus Dispatch – Editorials

In December, I submitted a resolution to the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio, urging pastors and parents to investigate the indoctrination of our young people into the homosexual agenda and to encourage concerned Christian parents to remove their children from public schools.

At the heels of the recent 11-4 decision by the State Board of Education to censor any criticism of Darwinian evolution, it has become clear that our young people are being indoctrinated into not only a pro-homosexual, but a humanistic religion, as well. Ohio schools have become officially atheistic, godless and toxic, morally, intellectually and spiritually, to our precious children.


2 Responses to Ohio schools have ecome officially atheistic, godless, and toxic…

  1. eric goempel says:

    You are insane. This has nothing to do with homosexual agenda, so stop the scare tactics. It works for /theists, but atheists are not fooled by it. This is about one thing, teaching Science in science class, not fairy tales. If you want to open it to ID then you are by law required to teach the students that the flying spaghetti monster is god, and that I am god. You will be forced to teach kids anything that some comes to the school board and says is an alternative, the reason is ID has ZERO science , therefore it can not bethought in science or any other part of school, there is no evidence to support it.

  2. Are you addressing me? You realize that I am against this resolution. This is a quote from the Columbus Dispatch regarding the issue.

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