Judie Brown, self-proclaimed ‘tool of satan’, cheers South Dakota’s Folly

I was looking for articles about South Dakota’s new anti-abortion law, when I stumbled upon this gem, which led me to the blog mentioned within, wherein Judie Brown praises the new SD law.

She doesn’t say much in the newer post, but reading the aforementioned gem on “Renew America” is telling. If you read the NoGodBlog post I link to in my bit about South Dakota, you’ll note that the author links the religious disposition to impose religious beliefs on everyone to this law. Given that this is essentially religious in nature, it’s ironic that a site (Renew America) so bent on protecting free speech should be so supportive of something that arguably violates the establishment clause of the first amendment.

She says, (and yes, I’m picking the religious bits, emphasis mine),

I pointed out that in some cases this “prevention” is accomplished by ending the life of a new human person in the days between fertilization and implantation in the mother’s womb.

I also said that the medical establishment relies on a phony definition of pregnancy to say that these pills do not abort; that a mother is not considered “pregnant” until her preborn child implants in her womb, which occurs about a week after fertilization (the point at which a human being’s life begins). [I’m impressed that she’s such a medical expert! –RR]

“Exactly who died and made you God?” wrote one respondent. Other than the obvious theological fact that God is very much alive and Judie Brown makes no claim to His heavenly throne, the big deal here is that somebody did die — an innocent human being who was never given a chance by those in the medical community who deny his very existence. But I suppose denying the existence of a baby is child’s play for all in our society who deny the existence of God.

One lost human being is one loss too many. [Better not let pregnant women walk or do anything else that might dislodge a zygote — a common occurrence –RR]

I suppose one could say that all human beings are “programmed for sex,” since that’s how the Creator intended the species to procreate. It is highly ironic that this individual would choose to support Planned Parenthood [Donate now! –RR], however, as this is the one organization that has done the most to plant the suggestion in our collective minds that kids are going to have sex regardless of what we do to encourage chastity. [And (I’m going to look for the study and link it) it turns out that encouraging chastity without other sexual education increases their chances of contracting an STD! That’s great for the children! –RR]

It shouldn’t take a graduate-level biologist to figure out that the most effective way of stopping out-of-wedlock pregnancy is stopping out-of-wedlock sex. Yet this scholar seems to have failed to grasp that simple concept. [She’s also a biology and psychology expert — who knew? –RR]

Is the link becoming clear to you?


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