Abortion to be equivalent to murder in South Dakota

This news is a few days old, but it’s important. South Dakota’s legislature has banned abortion. It’s reported on by tons of sources.

NoGodBlog reports and reflects on this ban, noting the glaring problem with this law:

The problem I have with this whole thing is that most people have lost site of the real issue, the separation of church and state. The abortion issue is not about abortion, but rather about religious people forcing other people to obey the religious way of life. Gay rights, death with dignity, school prayer — all the same thing. Those who oppose all these issues are predominantly (exceptions noted) the same people, the same organizations, the same money. Most of the debates are not about the specific issues, but rather just cloaks around religious discussions.

Their strength comes from our missing the point! When we fight these issues on an individual level, we are divided and therefore conquered! We should NOT be voting on abortion or gay rights — we should be voting ONLY on the issue of separation of church and state. When those in office agree that one religion should not rule the masses (like Iraq and Iran), these issues will go away by default.

Abortion Clinic Days goes into detail about just how dangerous the wording of this law is (they quote an article by Lynn Paltrow and Charon Asetoyer):

Those who authored this bill and those who voted for it want to create the impression that only the people providing the abortions will be punished, not the women having them. They are not brave enough or honest enough to admit what is clear: Women will be punished, and they and their families will suffer if this law goes into effect.

South Dakota, like many other states, has adopted numerous laws that seek to establish the unborn as full legal persons. For example, South Dakota has a feticide statute that makes the killing of an “unborn child” at any stage of prenatal development fetal homicide, manslaughter or vehicular homicide

[The new law is based on the conclusion] “that life begins at the time of conception,” and that “each human being is totally unique immediately at fertilization.” [A religious belief –RR]

This sounds bad for choice proponents, but it gets worse,

a pregnant woman who has an abortion can be prosecuted as a murderer under already existing homicide laws. Farfetched? Not at all. Prosecutors all over the country have been experimenting with this approach for years. In South Carolina, Regina McKnight is serving a 12-year sentence for homicide by child abuse. Why? Because she suffered an unintentional stillbirth. The prosecutors said she caused the stillbirth by using cocaine, yet, they did not charge her with having an illegal abortion – a crime that in South Carolina has a three-year sentence. Rather, they charged and convicted her of homicide – a crime with a 20- year sentence. They obtained this conviction in spite of evidence that McKnight’s stillbirth was caused by an infection.

Losing a baby isn’t enough — now, without proof that it was even the fault of the pregnant mother, it may be concluded that she has murdered her stillborn child. This is not something that could happen. It has. And she’s not the only one (see the article). This is not a large step away from a witch hunt.

Could this be connected to some recent SCotUS nominations?


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