Sandmonkey on his Extremism

Sandmonkey has a very long and interesting post about his extremist views on suicide bombers. This is but a small fraction of that post (emphasis is mine):

Rantings of a Sandmonkey: How am I an extremist? Let me count the ways!

I think suicde-bombers are monsters. I think they are mass-murdering idiots and don’t deserve an ounce of sympathy from me. I don’t know why that is: Maybe it’s because I was at the Hotel in Ras Shaitan in october of 2004 when one of them blew himself up not 400 meters away from where I was, and I saw the dead bodies, blood and carnage he committed in his efforts to kill – get this-tourists. Not Israeli army officers, not the evil American occupiers of Iraq, but rather your simple innocent by-standing tourists, who I am sure had it coming because, ehh, why is that again? Can you tell me? I would like to know. You see my friend, that’s why I think they are monsters. It’s because I know they don’t give a damn or care or differentiate between their victims. Those are the kinds of people who blow up school children buses, slaughtering 32 children, to kill one US soldier in Iraq. They are murderous nutbags, plain and simple, and even if they would like to differentiate between their victims, their bombs wouldn’t, and that’s the sad truth. So here I am, an arab muslim egyptian male, and I am well aware of all the history and the injustices and all the other excuses we all know and are ready to spout on a second’s notice, and yet I can’t seem to care about those people anymore. For me, as far as I am concerned, they want me dead. Not me personally, but if I die for being in the wrong place on the wrong time, they wouldn’t really care. And you know something? I am not really ready to die. I don’t wanna die. I want to live. I have places to see, parties to go to, girls to sleep with and children to screw up raising. And if it’s between me- or you for that matter- and 100 of those Koran thumbing allahu akbar shouting misogynistic racist jihadist assholes, it is no contest: I choose us. They’ve got to go. It really is that simple.

Sandmonkey is important, because he’s one of the many faces of change for Islam. He’s one of many Muslims who are standing up and saying, “this is insane, and I won’t be counted among these people.”

The US can turn the middle east into a big sheet of glass with hydrogen bombs, but until change starts happening from within this group of people, there’s still going to be a problem. He goes on:

There is an ideological war going on in regards to Islam and in our societies I believe, and the Jihadis are winning. There are 3 reasons why they are winning: 1) The reluctance of the moderates amongst us to admit there are problems that need addressing, thanks to our stupid belief that “we shouldn’t air our dirty laundry”; 2) Because in any debate between the moderates and the extremists, if there is to be a compromise, it will always be in the extremists favor; and 3) Because the extremists, if they face defeat, they will just threaten their ideological enemies, if not issue a takfir Fatwa on them, which will lead to a moron attempting to- if not succeeding in- killing them. And because of those 3 reasons I am the extremist that I am today.

The scales aren’t balanced. You see, any consensus achieved between the moderates and the extremists will only mean one thing: they reached a compromise. This would naturally mean that the extremists agreed to move closer to the moderates, but it also means that the moderates have to also move closer to the side of the extremists, and that’s what’s happening now in our societies. [Even in the West, with protected speech and so on… -RR]

What we need are secular extremists who will not give an inch to counter the Islamic extremists in order to balance the society and move everyone more towards the middle. [Hence Rescuing Reason -RR]

And before you start arguing with me go read his whole post.


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