RFID the Mark of the Beast

The pervasiveness of RFID is something to be frightened about — it will make people and things far easier to track, which can endanger privacy. I’m not too worried about it being the mark of the beast.

On the other hand, Wal-Mart is one of the big proponents of RFID tag use, and some people think of them as the antichrist. Hmm… (I jest)

Wired News:

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Katherine Albrecht is on a mission from God.

The influential consumer advocate has written a new book warning her fellow Christians that radio frequency identification may evolve to become the “mark of the beast” — meaning the technology is a sign that the end-times are drawing near.

“My goal as a Christian (is) to sound the alarm,” said Albrecht, in a conversation over tea at a high-end grocery store.


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