Fatwas are for real: Daughter of cartoonist sought by Muslims

(Via Rantings of a Sand Monkey)
All of the cartoonists are currently living in hiding under government protection. Over cartoons. Their children are being stalked and sought after by bands of Muslims.

As the blogger linked to below comments, “Hmmm.. It seems that all I had to do to get back to blogging was getting my indignation recharged.” Indeed.

Agora :: Cartoonist’s Daughter Hunted by 12 Jihadists :: March :: 2006

A group of Moslem males have tried to get at the daughter of one of the 12 cartoonists who drew the cartoons of Muhammed at her school. The political spokesman of the Liberals, Jens Rohde, revealed this during an interview with TV-Avisen while explaining his and the Prime Minister’s attack on the business community in Denmark, charging that they have put profits over Freedom of Speech.

EDIT 2006-03-05: It is now being said that this is not accurate. It’s a little ambiguous though.


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