Don’t forget, Islam doesn’t spare its own members

It’s not just the West that suffers from the dogma of Islam:

Sunni attack leaves 25 dead in Iraq town – Africa & Middle East – International Herald Tribune

The police recovered 21 bodies, mostly of Shiite Muslim migrant workers, from a brick factory in Nahrawan, a city official, Alaa Abdul Sahab al-Lamy, said. Four more bodies were found at the local power station, he added.

“This was a sectarian attack,” Lamy said, adding that police feared further bodies might still be found at the brick plant.

Attacks on Thursday night were among the bloodiest in 10 days of sectarian violence that have pushed Iraq toward civil war following the bombing of a Shiite shrine in Samarra late last month.

Interior Ministry sources in Baghdad said they could not confirm a total death toll, but said nine guards at the power station were killed along with “many” factory workers. Several injuries were also reported.

“We understand there are bodies everywhere around the factory, in the fields,” one Interior Ministry official in Baghdad said.

“The police cannot retrieve them all because they afraid to venture in without more military protection.”


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