Rescuing Reason

After the last presidential election (in 2004), it became clear that a resurgence of fundamentalist religion had occurred in the United States.

This resurgence has brought with it laws against same-sex marriage, new attempts to ban abortion, the emergence of a very conservative news channel (Fox), and more.

This country was founded on the principles of Enlightenment, not on Christian religiosity as some would have you believe. If religious elements, which by their very nature deny reason and enlightened thought, are left alone to shout from rooftops, it is my fear that the country will slide back into madness — madness wherein I, as an atheist, may be persecuted for my views.

It’s interesting as a middle-class, white male to have become a minority of my own volition. I fear the whims of the irrational majority.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a voice of reason among the madness. I certainly don’t think I’m perfectly reasonable, nor that I am the only one who sees reason. Rather, I see a need for more voices standing for reason. When people question the dogma of religion, question the need for separation of church and state, or question their faith, it is important that they feel they are not alone.

I have chosen, for now, to remain somewhat anonymous. I’m not obsessed with remaining that way, but I think for the moment that it’s prudent, as I suspect this blog will draw some ire.

Stories will be forthcoming. For now, check the links at right for some bits of news and rationality.


2 Responses to Rescuing Reason

  1. TomSD says:

    Good to see a kindred spirit! Hope you keep going. The world needs all the reason it can get right now.

  2. […] In a sense, it is helpful. As I mention in my first post on this blog, it’s important to have secular voices out here on the Internet, so that people questioning their faith have voices of reason to reassure them. I think it’s necessary, if we really want to see the Enlightenment through these many years later, to stop tolerating harmful nonsense. […]

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