Alito makes promises to Focus on the Family

Someone in my family once bought me a subscription to a Focus on the Family Children’s magazine. It almost turned me into a young fanatic, until I did a 180. Those people scare me. As the article notes, we need to be worried about maintaining the first amendment — very worried — with people like Alito on the SCotUS. I’m ashamed that he was allowed to slide through Congress. – With a wink and a nod…

Newly-minted Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito should explain disturbing remarks made in a personal letter to evangelical preacher James Dobson, an Atheist civil rights watch-dog group said today.

The Alito note thanked Dobson, head of the Christian group Focus on the Family for help in mobilizing support for his nomination to the high court. Justice Alito gushed, “the prayers of so many people from around the country were a palpable and powerful force,” and added: “As long as I serve on the Supreme Court, I will keep in mind the trust that has been placed in  me.”


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